Alte the Pies

Click Click Click!!!

Image by the awesomely fierce Cassandra Lobiesk

Happy Huffleween!

All Hufflepuffs are needed to help save the Sett from the nasty creatures Parker let in. >.>

Sorry, this is a Hufflepuff only activity

Gryffindor Quidditch Team

All right, Lions, it's time to RALLY! The Quidditch season is fast approaching and the GQT WANTS YOU. You heard the man. We want you to come tryout for the team and play in epic Quidditch matches with us. Have no idea what you're doing or what this is about? Hey, that's okay. Most people don't! Come che...

The Gryffindor Paw Print: Earn points!

This is for all houses. Click the image to be transferred to a magical place full of details and chocolate cauldrons! Image was created by Fumei.

Highly Contagious!

Gryffindor only. Click the image, which was made by Fumei. :D

HOL House Cup 2014/15


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