With the end of the year, it also comes to an end the reign of terror of some Head Students.

So it is my duty to announce that because they graduated this year, Zoki Phantom and Hailey Potter are no longer with us (well, they are still with us, but they held no power whatsoever anymore). THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT...

SQL 2014

Click the picture to be taken to the project.

There be dragons here!

Click the picture to visit the Dragon Sanctuary at the Sett.

The Badgers in the Sett have a fever, and the only cure is more dragons. And, I'm sorry to report, it's contagious! If you too have a fever of one hundred and dragon, then come visit the Dragon Sanctuary at the Sett. All HOLers are welcome;...

And another year is gone...
Congratulations to all graduates!

Summer is here WHEEEEEEEEE!!!

Let me congratulate Ravenclaw House for winning the House Cup. Well done eagles!

Second, congratulations to the eaglet Amy Lupin, who earned way more points than anyone else. Good job!!!

And third, congratulations to SQT for winning the Quidditch Cup. Well done!!!

See you all on September for a new school year :)

Happy Alte of July!

Clicky click!

(If you ask me, it was probably putting together the last Alte of the year that killed Cassie.)
Image by the lovely Cassandra Lobiesk

HOL House Cup 2014/15


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