Classes, yo

Cassie told me to post that classes are open for sign ups.

So there... classes are open for sign ups.

Thank You for Existing

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Image by the always-amazing Amy Lupin

Polymaths Rock!

Ravenclaws only please!

Image by the newly reserved Kaiwa Alexandra

Welcome new eaglets – you’ve enrolled just in time! Ravenclaw is hosting the best Art Festival this side of Hogsmeade in search of its new polymaths. Are you a polymath? You are one if you know a lot about many different thing...

With the end of the year, it also comes to an end the reign of terror of some Head Students.

So it is my duty to announce that because they graduated this year, Zoki Phantom and Hailey Potter are no longer with us (well, they are still with us, but they held no power whatsoever anymore). THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT...

SQL 2014

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HOL House Cup 2014/15


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