The best way to spread Slythmas cheer... singing loud and clicking here!

Graphic created by the lovely Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis!

'Tis the Season of Giving

Check the HOL forum for details! Sign-up by December 14th!

Image and description by Ariella McManus

Who doesn't love presents...and elves?! Here's your chance to join in the holiday spirit and not only get a nice shiny gift, but be an honest-to-goodness elf as well. And not just any elf, but a secret one. How c...

Quidditch Game - November 21st

graphic created by Tarma
Quidditch game Saturday, November 21st - the Slytherin Snakes vs the Ravenclaw Eagles

Quidditch Game - November 14th

graphic created by Professor Cosmo B. Mott
Quidditch game Saturday, November 14th - the Gryffindor Lions vs the Hufflepuff Badgers \o/

We're Back, Snitches!

Quidditch Olympics was a blast, but let's keep the fun going all year with pickups every Saturday at 10 PM!
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Special thanks to Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis for helping with the graphic!

HOL House Cup 2015/16