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Samantha Lilac
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Re: Getting Into Harry Potter

Post by Samantha Lilac »

I believe that I first got into Harry Potter when I was about 8 years old. I was an avid reader and was always searching for new books to read. I saw a group of books that seemed pretty long in my basement. So, I asked my parents if I could read them and they said that I could. I was so excited to begin reading. I think I finished the entire series in about three weeks. Next, my parents introduced me to the movies and I really enjoyed those. I actually had a Harry Potter themed birthday party when I was turning 12! It was amazing my parents went all out for it and I loved it.
I think I've drifted a bit from the Harry Potter Universe, but recently I have gotten back into it and I still love it as much as I always have. I wish I had more free time so that I could reread the books again!
Emily Malfoy
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Re: Getting Into Harry Potter

Post by Emily Malfoy »

I got into Harry Potter in 4th grade. My friend and her sister read the books and wanted me to read them. I refused and told them I wouldn't like it. After months, I finally gave in. I flew through the series and ended up being more obsessed/ in love with the books more than them
Veronica Wesley
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Re: Getting Into Harry Potter

Post by Veronica Wesley »

I started getting into Harry Potter when my friend wouldn't stop pestering me about it, and from the moment I started I fell in love. But even before my friend was begging me to read it, I read all the book teasers and I lOVED them, I was just scared because I heard the books were scary. But after my friend started pestering me, I started.
Artiass Swanson
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Re: Getting Into Harry Potter

Post by Artiass Swanson »

Well, I remember when I was in the fifth grade, one of the kids in the class was a very studious and unattractive girl, one day when we had to do something in a group, we spent time together and she started to define the book she was reading. I could hardly even remember Harry's name. The next time the girl began to tell the story of the book from the first chapter in general detail, and the more she explained, the more I became fascinated by the story.
My mother always encouraged us to read books. So when they saw that I was asking them for a book, they did so immediately. There were only the first two volumes at that time. The third book was being translated.
Harry Potter was the first pictureless book I read! And when I got the book in my hand to start I thought I would not be able to finish it!
But I was so fascinated by the story and I read it non-stop. I even remember the fourth book when I had a very important math test, and I finished it in two days, regardless of the test. :D
That's why Harry Potter has always had a special meaning for me. In addition to its many unique features, this book made me a bookworm.
Maxim Trevelyan
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Re: Getting Into Harry Potter

Post by Maxim Trevelyan »

It occurred to me that I never really replied here...

It was a chance meeting during after school hours. I was waiting for the school bus to take me home, but I missed one, due to my friends and the fun we had. So I had to wait one hour for the next bus to come. Atypically for me, I decided to spend my time in the school's library. And there, at the 'New Releases' section was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I picked it up, seeing it was fantasy and I started reading. I missed another bus, being so enthralled with the book, not even knowing that it was the fourth in the series. The librarian kindly reminded me when I borrowed it to finish reading, that there are three more books in the series before Goblet of Fire and I ended up going home with all of them. I devoured them all in the span of a weekend and thus, a Harry Potter love had been born.
Hannah Lovegood
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Re: Getting Into Harry Potter

Post by Hannah Lovegood »

My friends were really big fans and they said I should read it. I wanted to but I had to find an audiobook. Once I found the audiobook, I listened to the first book and then I couldn't find the second book. So, once I found the second book, I read the second book. I thought, "This is awesome!" Then, I listed to the third book and thought, "Wow! It is so cool how Harry got away from Voldemort every single time." I continued listening to the rest of the series. Once I got to the last book, I thought "Harry is so much me!" My four favorite characters are Harry because Harry is me. My second favorite character is Ginny. My third favorite character is Neville. My fourth favorite character is Bill. I like Bill because his birthday is the 29th of November and mine is the 28th.

Hannah Lovegood, Slytherin, United States
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