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Shreya Surwase
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Re: Class Introductions

Post by Shreya Surwase »

Hi, My name is Shreya Surwase and I am a first year Slytherin student.
I love to read, write and dance. Listening to music is my absolute favorite pass-time.
Outside HOL, I am a 10th grade student, who is a big harry potter fan [more like a Draco Malfoy fan tbh].
I hope that we all can have amazing time here learning the history of the founders of Hogwarts.

Cailyn Woodenvale
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Re: Class Introductions

Post by Cailyn Woodenvale »

Hi there! I 'm Cailyn Woodenvale, second year Gryffindor student.

I don't really have a lot of things to talk about, my life is quite boring. Well, I'm a halfblood witch, my patronus is a robin, witch I really adore.

In real/muggle life am I still a halfblood (mom's from the Netherlands, dad's from Suriname), I still have a pretty boring life, I have a 5 year old dog named Bucko (he's a Rottweiler/American Stafford mix and an accident lol) and I have two younger sisters. Oh, also: I'm 17 years young, turning 18 in September. Really looking forward to that!

Feel free to sent me a message, I really would like some friends (that sounds like I don't have any friends at all, I do but more friends would be nice (: )
Aedrie Rose
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Re: Class Introductions

Post by Aedrie Rose »

Hello I am Aedrie Rose. I think im in 2nd year. I'm Ravenclaw house.

I have a cat called Sophie who lives at my mum cause my place doesnt allow pets inside.
I enjoy reading, writing and painting.
I also study at university. It's my last semester so i am behind on HOL lessons.
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