Double Sign-ups

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Emerald Nightshade
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Re: Double Sign-ups

Post by Emerald Nightshade »

My sister Crystal Nightshade wants to quit HOL sadly. She got too stressed out with balancing HOL and the many projects she gets from school.
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Adaleine Shuster

Re: Double Sign-ups

Post by Adaleine Shuster »

My brother also signed up. HIs name is Isaac Blackburn ( ), he's a Ravenclaw.
Prof. Will Lestrange
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Re: Double Sign-ups

Post by Prof. Will Lestrange »

I think Nivek Skytook, a new Gryffindor, is the same as the Nivek Skytook who posted here on July 11, 2003 (old HOL ID, according to Nivek, was ni415)? Since the name is the same, it seems the old account may have faded from view.
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Reason: It appears the old account really has faded a very long time ago, so there's nothing we can do to restore it.
Mia Fountain
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Re: Double Sign-ups

Post by Mia Fountain »

My niece signed up for HOL, she is Lydia Mortelle, a Ravenclaw. At times we may end up being on the same internet network, though we should be on separate devices.
Rose Pottermore
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Re: Double Sign-ups

Post by Rose Pottermore »

My cousin sister signed up for HOL, her name is Ruby Granger. She was sorted in Gryffindor. We will be on the same device, usually.
Harry Walles
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Re: Double Sign-ups

Post by Harry Walles »

My husband - Louis Walles - and I are using the same laptop to access HOL however we use separate browsers ( I usually use Opera and he uses Firefox).
Silvana Mandeville
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Re: Double Sign-ups

Post by Silvana Mandeville »

My sister signed up for HOL, her name is Freda Mandeville. We might have the same internet network, but we use separate devices. At times we might use the same PC though we use separate browsers.
Lysandra Snow
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Re: Double Sign-ups

Post by Lysandra Snow »

I don't know if this counts, but my cousin ( made an account on her computer a few months ago, and logged onto it on my computer.
Alexander Brighton
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Re: Double Sign-ups

Post by Alexander Brighton »

I just found out that my best friend signed up for HOL. She was having problems registering, I told her it might be because we live so close (next door) and might have very similar IP addresses. She has her own laptop, but she might use mine sometimes when she's over. But just wanted to clarify it so her account isn't deleted. Her name is Skylar Peyton.

Thank you
Prof. Kyrie Adderholt
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Re: Double Sign-ups

Post by Prof. Kyrie Adderholt »

Locking this topic. In the future, please email the HO if you have a friend or family member signing up from the same IP.

headoffice @
thank you dear Sin

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