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Katya Snow
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Re: HOL 101 Introductions

Post by Katya Snow »


My name is Katya Snow!

I found out about Hol from a recommendation fro another person who does Hol. i don't know their name here on Hol, only their name from the other website and for privacy sake i will refrain from naming names or spamming other websites ^^

I am currently taking Hol 101, Wandmaking, The Hobbit-From Tolkien to Jackon, and Animagus 101. i chose Hol 101 because i wanted to learn more about Hol, Wandmaking because i thought it would be super cool to learn more about Wands (plus the professor is awesome), The Hobbit because i loooove the Hobbit (and the professor is awesome) and Animagus 101 because, come on, who wouldn't want to turn into an Animagus!?

i would love to gain a greater understanding of Hol and it's intricacies from this class, and maybe even make some friends and connections.

Random Facts about myself is: i am addicted to coffee, i am obsessed with Foxes and i love to knit and write ^^
Kendra Givens
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Re: HOL 101 Introductions

Post by Kendra Givens »

Hi Everybody!

My name is Kendra Goyle (no canon name intended, just wasn't making the connection when I created my account...) and I am a first year Ravenclaw. I found HOL when searching for a Harry Potter site that I can get involved in. I belong to two others, but was not completely thrilled with either one. This one seems pretty cool so far, but there is obviously a lot to learn.

This term, I am only taking HOL 101 and Charms. Working full time and taking 5 classes on a new website didn't seem ideal to me, so I think I'll stick with these two until next year. Charms has always been my favorite subject, and I figured this class would help me learn how to navigate this crazy involved website and fully immerse myself in the community.

Random fact about me: I am 100% fluent in Spanish. I have no Spanish Heritage, but have learned the language since I could talk. My first word was "papi".

Looking forward to meeting all of you!
Samuel Reed
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Re: HOL 101 Introductions

Post by Samuel Reed »

Hello everyone my name is Samuel Reed i am a first year Ravenclaw. i discovered HOL kind of by accident on purpose, I know that sounds weird, but i was looking for a Harry Potter chat room because I read through all of the material on the pottermore website and wanted to discuss all of the wider wizarding world with people who enjoy the series as much as i do. This semester i am taking three classes HOL 101, Charms, and transfiguration. I decided to take the HOL 101 course because I wanted to be able to take full advantage of everything this wounderful yet complicated site has to offer. I picked charms and transfiguration because all first year students at Hogwarts must take these classes, and also i thought it would be nice if i could learn how to make my cat change colors or turn him into a hat. One random fact about me is that I know how the operate the vehicle that muggles call an 18-wheeler. So that is why I am here on HOL and i look forward to getting to know you all!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
Robin Blackwood

Re: HOL 101 Introductions

Post by Robin Blackwood »

Hi! I am Robin Blackwood, first year from Gryffindor. I have found HOL because of one similar site from my country. I quiet from there (it was near destruction) and began searching something like this in english language. Obviously I found many results (this was 2 years ago); and my attention was taken by HOL. But I didn't register and just left these thing for two years. Now it was the perfect moment to register; I did it on 1 september 2017 as the coolest date.
Despite HOL 101 I am also taking Charms, Care for Magical pets, Astronomy and Dragonology. Each one is interesting in diffrent way, but it was extremely hard to pick any class from such big bag of choises. I wish there would be six classes possible to choose. :P Only HOL 101 is obvious choise, because I knew that the only chance for taking this class is now. In next term I would be "too experienced" and won't needed these lessons anymore. Luckily I found them quite useful right now. I am gaining so many perfect informations from this class all the time; for example about brooms- I didn't had any knowledge how to get broom and why do some members have broom names under their names.
About me? Hmm, I am animal lover and birwatcher in my free time. Preferably I will do something connected with biology in my life. Despite this I am great reader and fan of Harry Potter, Tolkien, Warrior cats and some other book series.
Resyarrina Elora
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Re: HOL 101 Introductions

Post by Resyarrina Elora »

Hello fellow class member!

My name is Resyarrina Elora, hol id re1091. First year Ravenclaw.
Currently i take 3 one term classes which are :
HOL 101, Disney and Career advice.

I'm considering taking other class but afraid that Real life can't allow me to do so.
For now i will just try to finish these 3 classes well.

HOL 101 is my obvious choice since i need something to figure it out what happen, what i need and what i should do here.

Career advice make some interesting idea for me since i also wonder what kind of jobs will be available in the wizarding world.

Disney is because seems cute.

I heard about the site long time ago from my sister but never try it, just then i re-watch the movie, re-read the books and decide to try joining HOL, still try to figure out the site well, but i love it so far.
Dani Crespo
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Re: HOL 101 Introductions

Post by Dani Crespo »

Hi everyone,

I see that it has been a long time since someone post in this forum. Hopefully, you don't mind if I start the forum again. My name is Dani Crespo, and I am excited to start the lessons in HOL. I understand that HOL 101 can provide me many information needed by a first year student like me. So, I really can't wait to discover more from Hogwarts Online classes, particularly this HOL 101. I will see you around!
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