Graduation 2021

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Graduation 2021

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Congratulations to all students who managed to earn two quills and advance to the next year at Hogwarts Online. Well done and here's to a happy new school year!

First to Second Year

Aedrie Rose
Ainsley Honn
Alice Anderson
Alice Josephine
Amelie Phelps
Angel Maximum
Annie Days
Aria Evans
Augusta Daedalus
Aura Malfoy
Avalynn Spring
Azriel Malfoy
Berley Bey
Buttercup Rosen
Caitlin Morrisey
Cassiopeia Black
Celest Waters
Claire Murphy
Clara Warrington
Claudette Diablo
Corrina Duffy-Dillon
Daria Summers
Davie Diggle
Edeline Koldings
Elena Bryanova
Emrys Rune
Evie Browne
Freda Mandeville
Frida Volkov
Garrick Pottermore
Hannah Lovegood
Harry Walles
Hermione Lasker
Jessica Barnes
Kaissa Chessley
Kat Silver
Kaylo Summer
Lara Quinton
Lysandra Snow
Maeve Madden
Mia Graves
Mily Pumarino
Momoka Oguma
Nirvana Shirley
Remi Silver
Reyyan Azkendra
Rose Pottermore
Samanta Grey
Sav Ann
Scarlett Drake
Scarlett Malfoy
Septima Lestrange
Serena Clearwater
Shreya Surwase
Sonya Goldwell
Sophie Howell
Taylor O'Donoghue
Unaa Mirabelle
Violet Vega
Zara Nightshade
Zee Chibuike

Second to Third Year

Amy Darvill
Audun Helsing
Brianna Caedmon
Cailyn Woodenvale
Carrie Warts
Doris Creevey
Emerald Wolvenhowl
Emily Spencer
Evi Caledon
Lorainia Riverrider
Louis Walles
Lucia Dinapoli
Mary Seville
Mia Fountain
Raevia Ward
Savannah Foster
Silvana Mandeville
Torii Taylor

Third to Fourth Year

Cenedra Iseris
Cut Yuna
Iverian Gnash
Selenophilia Moon

Fourth to Fifth Year

Draco Riddle

Fifth to Sixth Year

Alexander Brighton
Aurelia West
Gail Allen
Kendra Givens

Sixth to Seventh Year

Arianna Stonewater
Jellicle Moon
Maxim Trevelyan

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