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Ash Dash
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Looking For Extra Credit

Post by Ash Dash »

Hi! I am a fellow student and I have not had too much to do all summer. I recently came back to Hogwarts and decided to stay this summer and I was wondering if any professors had some extra credit assignemtns? Perhaps something to get me some extra points or maybe even beans. If so, please message me!
Emily Spencer
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Re: Looking For Extra Credit

Post by Emily Spencer »

Unfortunately, classes are closed until the fall term starts so there are no assignments/extra credit available. In the mean time, please feel free to enjoy the different contests being offered. Have a good summer :)
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Prof. Sindor Aloyarc
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Re: Looking For Extra Credit

Post by Prof. Sindor Aloyarc »

Hello! WELCOME to HOL :D

One awesome opportunity to earn House Points, Beans, and even Awards right here on the main forum can be found within the 20 Years of HOL activity which has lots of interesting stuff to do and is sharing some really lovely history about our community.

Although many of us get anxious/excited for the new school year to arrive, given this is the longest running virtual Hogwarts site to date {and many of us — arguably biased — folks would say the best} you’ve come at a wonderful and celebrational time!

While you’re here, don’t forget to take a look at the countless Discussions going on around the forums, including an entire section on Harry Potter Talk. *Wheeeee*

Book Club has goodies like Flash Fiction and Beginnings & Endings which you might enjoy, plus they’re currently running a Book to the Future (Reading Challenge)

Anyone who’d like to join in on the 2021 HOL Summer Beanstalk can shoot me a message and I’ll forward some Beans your way.

The House Common Rooms also always have some version of their own fun games, activities, and discussions going on even throughout the summer. If you haven’t done a lot of poking around the castle yet, be sure to do some exploring.

The Art Department and Library Department are great options to keep an eye on as well! Typically we would also have things like the Summer Quidditch League going on, however the sport is being revamped and it’s sure to be very exciting opening that new chapter together once it’s time to present. For now, if you’re looking for other ways to connect with members of the castle and play some games, check out the IRC Event Info thread in the 20 Years of HOL activity.
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