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Welcome To Ask A Prefect :)

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Welcome to the Ask A Prefect area :)

Prefects are your first line of communication when you have a question, a suggestion to make HOL better, or a complaint. They'll resolve the issues as they can, and pass the rest up the chain of command. The chain of command is as follows: Student/Squib/Post Graduate → Prefect → Head Student → Professor → Head Office (so Prefects should be your first port of call). They'll bring suggestions and complaints to the Student Committee for discussion, or relay them to a Professor.

This forum area is for all questions you might have about HOL.

Only Post-Graduates, Prefects, Head Students, Staff, and Professors are allowed to reply in this area.

There are different reasons for this. You may give wrong information without knowing - Prefects are hopefully up-to-date on all changes and all information. Too many posts replying to the question also makes it harder for the answer to be found. So please let the Prefects do their job :)

If you have a question and start a new topic here, it will also help them a lot if you could title your topics descripively, and not just "Question" or "I have a question". It makes it easier for relevant people to answer, but also for other students who might have the same problem will find the topic to help them more easily.

If your question or issue is something you are too bashful to discuss here where everyone can read it, please feel free to PM or email any of the Prefects. Follow this link to the list of contacts: http://hol.org.uk/hol_contacts.php

Don't forget you might be able to find a lot of answers to your questions in the Ask A Prefect FAQ (http://hol.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9913), and also in the HOL Handbook (http://hol.org.uk/handbook.php). The search function of the forum can also help you finding topics related to your problem.

Don't forget, there are many people around to help you to make sure you have a great time in HOL, so don't hesitate to ask/contact your Prefects :)
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