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Lily Rockhampton
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Post by Lily Rockhampton »

I have forgotten my HOL-ID, I misplaced where I wrote it down. My username is Lily Rockhampton. Thanks for your help.
Alexia Riaper
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Post by Alexia Riaper »

Your HOL ID is li1006.
Eliana Ictis
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Re: Forgotten Hol-id

Post by Eliana Ictis »

I have also forgotten my Hol-id. The folder I had my Hol information in was deleted. My name is Eliana Ictis. In case I have forgotten passwords to access other portions of the site as well, where do I need to go to find the information?
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Prof. Sky Alton
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Re: Forgotten Hol-id

Post by Prof. Sky Alton »

Your HOL ID is el1378. If you've forgotten your password, post on the topic called 'Forgotten Hol Office Passwords' in the 'Administrator's Office' section of the forum-someone will email you. If you've forgotten your passwords for the Common Rooms, then it's best to check on each of them for their individual methods for getting them back (some you may be able to do automatically and some you'll have to speak to a HoH)
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