Becoming a Perfect

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Morgan Fraye
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Becoming a Perfect

Post by Morgan Fraye »

Hello! I’m really new and I’m not quite sure if i’m doing this right but I wanted to ask, how would I become a perfect? It’s a goal I have set but i haven’t found any info on it anywhere :) thank you
Prof. Will Lestrange
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Re: Becoming a Perfect

Post by Prof. Will Lestrange »

I'm assuming the word you mean is "Prefect", not "Perfect" (unless of course you're an Enter Title Here fan... but if so, let's save that discussion for the Book Club ;))

According to the handbook ("Positions and Titles" -> "3. Prefects"):

Prefects for each house are chosen at the discretion of their Head of House. If there is an opening in your House for Prefects, you will be informed of this in your Common Room.

Each house has its own procedure for choosing Prefects; usually, this involves taking an unofficial sub-prefect position which has a different name depending on your house. (For example, in my house, Slytherin, the position before prefect is called "Promising Student"; you're a Gryffindor so the corresponding position in your house is called "Junior Prefect". For completeness: the position is called "Mini Prefect" in Hufflepuff and "Reserve Prefect" in Ravenclaw.)

In order to reach that position (Junior Prefect for you), you can start right now by being a model student in your house: doing well in your classes, being active in the forums (especially your own Common Room and this main HOL forum), and otherwise being a good representative of your house and HOL as a whole. Then, the next time Gryffindor opens "Junior Prefect" applications (I'm not sure the exact schedule, but normally people have at least one chance to apply each year), you can submit your application as a competitive candidate.

Once someone makes Junior Prefect (or the equivalent position in other houses), they have the opportunity to do some of the tasks that a prefect would normally do (such as helping to run in-house activities) and, if they perform those tasks well, they have a good chance of getting appointed by the Head(s) of their House to become a Prefect. Good luck!
Autumn Folchini
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Re: Becoming a Perfect

Post by Autumn Folchini »

I would also really like to become a prefect because I think it would a great experience. Also, how many years do you have have been going to Hogwarts for to become a prefect? :P
Gail Allen
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Re: Becoming a Perfect

Post by Gail Allen »

There isn't really a set time for how long you should be a student here at HOL before you can become a prefect.
As Will said before, the journey to becoming a prefect usually starts out by that person doing a training course in their house and then they will hold an intermediate position for a while if they successfully complete that course. How long it takes before any given person is promoted to a fully fledged prefect after that varies quite a bit, so it's hard to set a specific amount of time that must have passed before a person can become a prefect. But of course a certain knowledge of HOL and it's workings is required and that takes time to acquire.
Judging when someone is ready and when a new prefect is needed in a house, is entirely up to the Heads of Houses in that house, so it is rather their judgement of a candidate's readiness than a specific age that matters.
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