Book Review - Magic Misfits

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Book Review - Magic Misfits

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Title of the book: Magic Misfits
Authors: Neil Patrick Harris
Series: Magic Misfits
Genres: Fiction
Short summary of the story: When street magician Carter runs away, he never expects to find friends and magic in a sleepy New England town. But like any good trick, things change instantly as greedy B.B. Bosso and his crew of crooked carnies arrive to steal anything and everything they can get their sticky fingers on.
Good points: I really like this book because it revolves around magic, friendship and is extremely interesting to read because of the funny notes Neil Patrick Harris wrote. There are also a couple of guides on how to perform magic tricks. It’s more neighbourhood based but the adventure is equally as interesting as other fiction books.
Bad points: To me, it’s a little babyish, just a little, but overall it’s really good book and I totally recommend it!

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