Essex at War Through Time - Michael Foley

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Essex at War Through Time - Michael Foley

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Title of the book: Essex at War Through Time
Authors: Michael Foley
Genres: Non-fiction, history

Short summary of the story:

The book is a collection of over 180 fascinating photographs featuring the modern day Essex (county in England) and compared with how did the area looked like during the First and Second World Wars. As well as during the Napoleon's war. Along with photos, the book consists of a map of Essex.

With each photos you can find an informative description, which describes in details the history of each of the buildings, streets, people, soldiers and etc.

Good points / bad points:

I am a huge fan of Essex and its history. I became interested in this county when I first moved there. Since then, I have moved out but the passion remained. The book was absolutely incredible and I loved that I could see how did the cities changed through years. I was most amazed to see and read the history of cities such as Colchester or Ilford.

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