Book Review - Beauty and the Beast

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Book Review - Beauty and the Beast

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Title: Beauty and the Beast
Author: Madame le Villeneuve
Genre: Classic, Fantasy, Romance, Fairy Tale
Summary: Because her father stole a rose in the palace grounds, Belle was sacrificed as a prisoner of the owner of the rose, a terrible monster named Beast. Later Belle realized that the Beast was just a monster in appearance.

Good and Bad Points:
Oh, this is my first time reading a book that I have never known existed. Watched Beauty and the Beast years ago and read adaptations of it. I never knew Belle has a lot of siblings, which kind of reminds me of Cinderella. Beast also has his mother, the Queen. The book is good and cute. Just like any other fantasy tales. Though, it's not going to be my favorite. It was a long version of the stories I read when I was a kid, but also has slightly different plots from the story I knew. The characters are good, but I was kind of cringed when I read Belle's dream when the man wanted to attack the Beast.

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