January Prompt-Musical Books

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January Prompt-Musical Books

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Nothing fills the soul quite like music. This month, we celebrate those books that are (or should be) set to music.

You have two choices for this prompt:
1. Design a cover for a book that has been turned into a musical (like Wicked, for example).

2. Take a book that you feel would benefit from being set to a musical (I would personally pick The Graveyard Book, for example) and design a cover for it.

Please post your entries below to receive credit. Please keep the graphics to 600x600 or less -- and make sure that all submissions are HOL appropriate. If you post a graphic, please write a brief description of what it is underneath.
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Re: January Prompt-Musical Books

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2. Image

The Secret Garden by Frances H. B; I think the book suits the theme.
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