Level Two Discussion- Lesson /Assignment Seven

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Level Two Discussion- Lesson /Assignment Seven

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Worth 15points (Mandatory to earn a Quill)

You have been assigned a case in a little Muggle town called Mongolia just south of Wales. There has been a vast number of changes among the people of the community. Disappearances, and now even three deaths in the last month. The Muggle police have taken on the investigation and have reported in seeing some explicit and unordinary evidence. Once the Ministry got a hold of this case they automatically knew it is the work of a dark wizard, which involves the use of Dark Potions. I want you to tell what kind of potion the dark wizard may have used referring to the lesson and how you as an Auror assigned to this case would take on this job?
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Re: Level Two Discussion- Lesson /Assignment Seven

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This is a very disturbing case, in that, while there are three reported deaths, there are several disappearances also reported. The deaths themselves appear to have been caused by a witch or wizard using the Avada Kedavra curse, in that the expressions on their faces show mostly surprise or are 'blank' in expression. It's as if they had no idea of what was happening, and simply 'died'. However, from evidence gathered, it appears that the polyjuice potion was used so that the witch or wizard could get close to their chosen victim by appearing to be someone they were friends, or friendly with. There is not much I could do about this; they are dead.

As for the disappearances, signs of brewing the Emerald Green Potion have been found, with small amounts of the ingredients found in an abandoned hut on the outskirts of Mongolia. Also, ingredients for Polyjuice potion were found in that same hut. It is not known whether the victims are simply being hidden someplace, and not visible or if their appearance has been entirely changed.

I would bring with me some veritaserum, to question some of the people who might, either knowingly or unknowingly, be concealing some of the facts of what they saw and heard, and didn't see and hear. I would also bring with me an albino bloodhound, as they are useful for more than just chasing nogtails from farms. Hopefully the dog would be able to sniff out the presence of a person, whether they are invisible or not. Also, I would use an item of clothing for each of the victims for the dog to sniff, because even if their appearance is changed, their scent would remain their own (that's a theory of mine, but it wouldn't do any hard to try it out).
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Re: Level Two Discussion- Lesson /Assignment Seven

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Based on the behaviours described by the muggle police, I say Amortentia was definitely used. The dark wizard used Amortentia to cause the muggles to become obsessed and lure them out of town. This has been going on for quite some time.

We did get a tip from the muggle police that they found quite odd. They took us to the town morgue and showed us a fourth victim that wasn't released in the news yet. They confirmed he died about a month ago. It was an older male. His arm was detached from his body and there was some bone missing. I asked where he was found. They gave me the coordinates which took me just outside of town to a deserted field. There were some trees right beside the field. I went there and found a cauldron with what looked like remnants of bone inside the cauldron and possibly blood too. My worse fears were confirmed. The dark wizard made rebirth potion. He must have gotten weak and needed a new body. The timeline also added up. He must have killed those 3 muggles after he became strong. This also means that he might have had an accomplice who had to make and give the Amortentia potion. They made the muggles their enemies and used one of the muggles blood to use for the Rebirth Potion. It was a question now what he did with the remaining muggles that disappeared.

Me with the help from a couple other Aurors and the muggle police search and rescue searched night and day, but couldn't find them. There was a lake nearby, so I thought maybe the Emerald Green Potion was used, but that was proven false. As the investigation continued, it became clearer and clearer that the dark wizard used a vanishing spell to make the muggles vanish. He probably killed the most annoying ones using the killing curse or maybe he just killed them for a bit of fun. Who knows how these dark wizards minds work? That's why the deaths seemed strange to the muggles. Autopsies were performed, but found there was nothing wrong with them. They weren't stabbed, shot, poisoned, or any sign of being murdered at all. I took out a series of dark detectors to hopefully detect if anything remotely dark happens in the area. The dark wizard was staying away probably because of the risk if he shows himself now, but I knew the dark wizard was probably waiting for an opportunity to kill again once our guards start to go down. His killing spree wasn't over yet. It was probably just beginning.
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