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I'm glad to see so many new and eager faces around! I know most of you are eagerly awaiting class signups to open, but there are a few things that you should know first :)

Much of this information can also be found in HOL Wiki Class Sign-Up. Everyone, students new and old should re-read the handbook because many changes have been made this year.

Class Sign-Ups will open again in August; you can sign up for all classes that are open for sign-ups at any time, at a maximum of five classes at any given time. However, every professor has full control over when they accept new students into their class, when sign-up closes, or if they accept students during a term. One-Term-Classes can be repeated for both terms of a year; students can take them only once a year. Please do not email professors asking to join their class. Also, do not join their class forums until you have been accepted into their class.

In order to stay active you need to earn points once every 90 days and the easiest way to do this is to take classes. However, If you are not doing anything in classes, you can be kicked out by your professors. Just being signed-up for a class and then forgeting about it will not work. Please understand that HOL is a school above all and if you just lurk and chat, it is not very fair to your housemates.

Now here are some questions that are frequently asked :)

Do we need to buy books or things for our classes? Nope, you don't need to buy books for HOL classes. Most of the materials you'll need are available either on the classroom website, or on the Internet.

Do we have to get on the Internet on a certain day or time to attend classes? No! Most classes have lessons and assignments posted, and a time-frame within you have to do your homework, which you will either send by email or post in a class forum. Certain classes have special requirements, though - these will be posted on the class website. Very few classes hold live lessons on IRC, but this will also be posted on the class website.

Classes show that they are open but I can't sign up for them. Why is this? You will need to add your classes in the Class Department. That will not be open till middle of August. The classes on the list say closed because they are not open for signups yet. Some will have special qualifications to join though so make sure you read the classes website before signing up when the time comes.

Where can I find some sort of descriptions about the different classes, so that when the time comes to sign up I will already have an idea which ones I'd want to sign up for? Go to the Main Areas of your HOL Entrance Hall and go to: HOL Classes . and there will be a thing saying "Sign up for more classes!" Click that and you will see the list of classes available to take!

Do we have to take certain classes every year? OR can we just take whatever we want? What I'm trying to say is Are any classes required? All student may select their classes at their leisure based on interest. The 5th years are eligible to take the O.W.L classes but can take 5 regular classes in addition to doing their OWLs. 7th year students are required to pass their NEWTs in order to graduate.

Do you get a lot of homework? Well I'm afraid there is no sure answer. It realy depends on what class you take, and your Professor on how much homework. Usually you will have one compulsory assignment a month, there may be extra credit assignments but you do these if you wish. If you want to know more, I would look around the class forum and see if the prof of the class your interested in taking has posted some information. If you read that, you would have a better idea.

If I try to sign up for the maximum amount of classes in one term but don't get into some of them will I have the opportunity to try and sign up for other classes to fill the spaces of the ones I didn't get in? Will I be able to try and sign up for those classes that I didn't get in again next term (if they're one term classes)? Generally that is the case...unless all of the classes are closed to new sign-ups. However, if you PM or E-Mail the Professor of a class you are interested in taking after ALL of the classes are closed, they may manually add you if they have space in their class.

I wanted to know what happens if the professor doesn't respond? and I can no longer choose another class This is highly unlikely to happen. I assume you are talking about contacting a professor to be added to a class after the signup period for that class has closed. Professors might take a while to answer, as they are very busy, but they will not ignore you. If you are in this situation, make sure you check the class website and other areas related to that class to see what the professor has to say about his/her admissions policy. But really, I would not worry about this until it happens, which it most likely won't.

When do the classes usually begin, some of the class areas don't seem to be updated from last term. The Autumn Term begins on September 1st and ends in January. Give the professors a few days after the start of term to get things prepared and settled in. The Spring Term begins in February. Again give the professor a few days to get their class together before you start bothering them about when they will post their class information.

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