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How to Contact your Professor

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Has it been awhile since your Professor (or Student Teacher) posted anything class related?
Are a class’s lessons not up after two weeks into the new month?
Do you have a general question about the class?

Here are a few tips on how to contact your Professor and what to do if you don’t get a response.

1. Does your class have a forum? Check to see there if there is a place for class questions; if so, post your question there.
2. If your class does not have a “class questions” section, check the class website and see if your professor gives specific instructions on how to ask a question. This can be locates in the class syllabus or a class F.A.Q. If there are still no instructions, try emailing your question to the class email address.
3. You can also try messaging the professor here on the HOL forum or through HOL message on the Entrance Hall.

If you have done the above, given the professor at least a week to respond, and have still not heard from them, then please follow the steps below.

1. The Class Committee asks that you try at least two of the above methods and give it a full week before contacting us. Professors can be busy and most post if they are going to be away for a bit or if posting lessons/assignment are going to be late for their classes.
2. If your question or concern goes without a response and there has been no indication that the professor has been around (ie. posted the lesson in question, answered your question in a forum, read your message) them please send your question or concern form to hol.classcommittee[AT] (replace the [AT] with the @ when sending your message).
3. The Class Committee has been put in place this year to help students with possible failed classes, so their hard work doesn’t go unrewarded.
4. Please fill out the form below and send it in your email.

Name of Class this is Regarding:
Methods you have tried contacting the Professor/Student Teacher (Must name two):
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