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Alexander Brighton
HOL Message: Alexander Brighton email: lexer5000[at]gmail.com
Famous Witches and Wizards in History lexer5000[at]gmail.com
Quidditch - The Wizarding Way wizardingquidditch.hol[at]gmail.com
The Battle of Hogwarts battleofhogwartshol[at]gmail.com

Amanda Summers
HOL Message: Amanda Summers email: mandylor[at]gmail.com
Auror Training Level One and Two holauror[at]gmail.com

Prof. Arielle Lemoyne
HOL Message: Prof. Arielle Lemoyne email: arielle.lemoyne[at]gmail.com
Dueling 101: hol.dueling101[at]gmail.com

Prof. Cosmo B. Mott
HOL Message: Prof. Cosmo B. Mott email: cosmob[at]gmail.com
History of Hogwarts:The Castle hogwarts[at]cosmoschaise.co.uk

Prof. Dario Brighton
HOL Message: Prof. Dario Brighton email: dario[at]hol.org.uk
Transfiguration hol.transfigurations[at]gmail.com

Elena Galatas
HOL Message: Elena Galatas email: galatas.elena[at]gmail.com
Societies in Ruin holdystopia[at]gmail.com

Emily Spencer
HOL Message: Emily Spencer email:
Harry Potter: Family Studies holfamstudies[at]gmail.com
Lesser Known Characters of Harry Potter lesserknowns.hol[at]gmail.com
The Tudors hol.thetudors[at]gmail.com

February Fortescue
HOL Message: February Fortescue email: febforthol[at]gmail.com
Astrology and Harry Potter AquarCanAquar[at]gmail.com
History of Hogwarts: The Founders hol.thefounders[at]gmail.com
Patronus 101 holpatronus[at]gmail.com

Prof. Felicia Hartwick
HOL Message: Prof. Felicia Hartwick email: felicia_hartwick[at]yahoo.com
Ancient Runes ancientrunes804[at]gmail.com

Gail Allen
HOL Message: Gail Allen email: holgailallen[at]gmail.com
How to Role plays gailclassroom[at]gmail.com
Magical Numbers gailclassroom[at]gmail.com
Survival gailclassroom[at]gmail.com

Kendra Givens
HOL Message:Kendra Givens email:kgivens1072[at]gmail.com
Divination divinationisfun[at]gmail.com
Philosophy in Harry Potter hol.philosopher[at]gmail.com
The Magic of Forensic Sciencehol.forensics[at]gmail.com

Prof. Kyrie Adderholt
HOL Message:Prof. Kyrie Adderholt
HOL OWLs holowlexam[at]gmail.com

Lorainia Riverrider
HOL Message: Lorainia Riverrider
Introduction to Sign Language hol.signlanguage[at]gmail.com
The World of Fiction hol.twof[at]gmail.com

Louis Walles
HOL Message: Louis Walles
Monsters in Cinema Holcinemamonsters[at]gmail.com

Maxim Trevelyan
HOL Message: Maxim Trevelyan email: mtrevelyan[at]mail.com
A Beginner's Guide to Villainy hol.villains[at]mail.com
Occlumency hol.occlumency[at]mail.com
Superhero Studies superhero.studies[at]mail.com

Mia Fountain
HOL Message: Mia Fountain email:
Magical Maladies magicalmaladieshol0[at]mail.com
Muggle Studies for Beginners hol.mugglestudiesforbeginners[at]mail.com

Prof. Neville Prongs
HOL Message: Prof. Neville Prongs
Beginners Defense Against the Dark Arts hol.dada[at]gmail.com

Raevia Ward
HOL Message: Raevia Ward
Magical Games and Sports hol.mgas[at]gmail.com

Prof. Rorey Padfoot
HOL Message: Prof. Rorey Padfoot
A Visit to Hogsmeade hol.hogsmeade[at]gmail.com
Astronomy hol.astronomy[at]gmail.com
History of Hogwarts: The Professors hol.hhprof[at]gmail.com
Muggle Studies Pop Culture: The 80's hol.mugglestudies80s[at]gmail.com
Mysteries of the Lakehol.theblacklake[at]gmail.com

Prof. Ryan Granger
HOL Message: Prof. Ryan Granger email: Ryan.Granger840[at]gmail.com
A History of Things holhistoryofthings[at]gmail.com
Advanced Care of Magical Creatures hol.careofmagicalcreatures[at]gmail.com
Care of Magical Creature hol.careofmagicalcreatures [at] gmail.com
Flying hol.flying[at]gmail.com

Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
HOL Message: Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis email: scarlet.leslie[at]gmail.com
Accidential Magic Reversal Squad hol.amrsquad[at]gmail.com
Basic Healing email:basic.healing[at]gmail.com
Chinese Festivals email: holchinesefest[at]gmail.com

Prof. Sindor Aloyarc
HOL Message: Prof. Sindor Aloyarc email:
Arithmancy: An Introduction HOL.arithmancy101[at]gmail.com
Art: A Magical Study email:hol.artamagicalstudy[at]gmail.com
Muggle Studies: Hidden Powers email: hiddenpowers[at]mugglestudies.org

Sky Alton
HOL Message: Sky Alton email: skyalton856[at]gmail.com
Braille: The Basics holbraille[at]gmail.com
Conflict in the Wizarding World hol.wizardingconflict[at]gmail.com
HOL 101 hol.hogwarts101[at]gmail.com

Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
HOL Message: Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
Charms charms[at]cosmoschaise.co.uk
The Hobbit, From Tolkien to Jackson thehobbit[at]cosmoschaise.co.uk
Wand-Making wandmaking[at]cosmoschaise.co.uk

Torii Taylor
HOL Message: Torii Taylor
Ancient Alchemy hol.alchemy4[at]gmail.com
Dragons 101 hol.101dragons[at]gmail.com

Prof. Will Lestrange
HOL Message: Prof. Will Lestrange email: wlestrange99[at]gmail.com
Ancient Civilizations hol.ancientcivilizations[at]gmail.com
Parseltongue: A Challenging Introduction parseltongue2020[at]gmail.com
The Unforgivable Curses wlestrange99[at]gmail.com

Prof. Zoki Phantom
HOL Message: Prof. Zoki Phantom email: zokivphantom[at]gmail.com
Grindelwald's Crimes zokivphantom[at]gmail.com
Potions zokivphantom[at]gmail.com

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